We meet with you on our dime to discuss with you what your vision for your dream home looks like. We walk you through our planning, design and construction process to make sure we’re the best fit for you. We assure you that we will finish the project on time to fulfill your expectations.


The first step in our process involves one-on-one meet with Andy Knutson/ Owner and you. Using a survey of the full lot you intend to use for your home, we will determine the maximum size possible for your home within the space. From there, our designer will collaborate with you on the desired square footage, room layout, foundation and a wish list of additional features we can look into adding as the final project gains clarity. We will plot out the entire house, floor-by-floor, in a general sense to get your project started as quickly as possible while allowing for additional desires to be added to the blueprint once the basic framework of the home has been agreed upon and realized on the property.



This is the most time consuming part of the whole process. Since we are a custom home builder, we give allowances when choices can’t be made at the planning stage. This is quite normal as it can be overwhelming to have to make all the decisions at one time. Finishes will make your home unique to you and your family and your design aesthetic.



We are known for making the actual building process as easy as possible. This is the time when your choices made earlier are ordered and scheduled for delivery. As needed our subcontractors walk through the framed house with you to go over the fine details, such as, cable or telephone locations.

Watch as Your Dream of living on your land becomes a reality as Your New home takes shape. Your construction manager will oversee the construction process to ensure that your new home building experience is enjoyable.

The length of the construction process may be affected by such factors as the size and complexity of the home design, changes made by homeowners during the construction process, interior design selection schedule and inclement weather.

Contact Andy today to discuss building your new home tomorrow!